Services We Offer

  • On provision of a recent electricity bill, and quarter hourly usage data (where available), we provide a report on potential savings, and suggestions on how to actively manage the cost of your electricity.
  • We confirm that your connection and metering arrangements are appropriate for your consumption level, and advise how to optimize where appropriate.
  • We offer demand side management consultancy, which identifies potential savings and highlights the benefits of actively managing the cost of this commodity.
  • We have no vested interest in hiding information about the electricity supply chain – we offer transparent, cost reflective pricing and clear savings.

Remember :

  • All suppliers buy off the same wholesale market at the same price.
  • All suppliers use the same (semi state owned) transmission and distribution network, and pay the same tariffs.
  • All physical connection issues like metering, fault repair, and emergency response is provided by ESB Networks irrespective of supplier.
  • The only thing that differentiates electricity suppliers is price, customer service and the provision of empowering information.