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  • Please complete the form below. This will enable us to retrieve your historical electricity usage data from the Meter Registration System Operator – www.mrso.ie
  • Then, send us a copy of your electricity bills for the past year by email to info@crystalenergy.ie or by fax to (090) 9745 655

Our consultants will analyse your information and prepare a report free of charge which will detail:

  1. Your daily electricity usage profile characteristics
  2. The wholesale cost of your electricity
  3. The margin between the wholesale cost of your electricity and what you pay your current supplier
  4. An analysis of your maximum import capacity including a recommendation for resizing if appropriate
  5. Recommendations on how you can make savings by improving your electricity usage profile
  6. Details of incentive schemes that may be of interest to you
  7. We will contact you to discuss the findings from your report either by phone or, if appropriate, in person

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